Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Laptop Problems

If you have read the first page of my blog it says that i just got my ibook back after 2 weeks of waiting for it to be fixed. Well I got a new Hard Drive, Super drive ( CD/DVD Burner ) and new ports ( USB 2.0 Firewire , Audio and ethernet,) Well since i got a new Hard drive apple wiped out every thing, Including Tiger (10.5). So now i am running 10.2 . Well since I am in Colorado I can not reload tiger, So i am stuck with 10.2 and i am having trouble. Finder is not running and apps that use the web are not working ( mail , firefix and ichat) . If some one in the blogshere could help me. Well you ask how am i posting this i am using my palm lifedrive. This is very difficult because i am using a Infer Red Keyboard ( I know i shoukd get bluetooth) Well if you could help

Thank You

Blake Shannon

Merry christmas

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