Monday, April 03, 2006


While on The Topic of Bluetooth

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This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want one!
Now if they could make one with EV-DO

The BlueSniper Bluetooth sniffing and hacking “sniper rifle” is truly the Bluetooth hacker’s Bluetooth hack. Equipped with a yagi antenna, and powered by a little bitty Gumstix motherboard, the BlueSniper can detect vulnerable Bluetooth devices up to a kilometer away. A Bluejacker’s paradise.

In addition, the BlueSniper, developed by Los Angeles think-tank Flexilis, will list the services of all open devices it finds, making the devices vulnerable to all manner of exploitation.

According to Flexilis’ John Hering, “With multiple ‘guns’ it would be possible to track a single Bluetooth device as the person walked around. In less than a few minutes, 20 devices were detected all at distances over a half mile away.”

What’s more, all of this sniped data is displayed on the attached laptop, and can be stored for future reference.
Within what seemed like minutes of the BlueSniper’s debut, webpages sprang up with instructions on how to build your own BlueSniper.

Still, not something which Aunty would recommend, as the similarity in appearance to a real sniper rifle is striking, for obvious reasons, and the authorities might tend to ask questions later.


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